.William and Hannatjie Whitlock.   

Where to find Yorma Kennels !!  


White Hill  1978 ..........2016 

After been living on the farm for almost 40 years of married life and breeding puppies since 1981 there, we've moved to Jansenville !!!.  We sold the farm and are now living in town.  William was only a toddler when his parents bought White Hill in 1955.  

Our nearest airport is still Port Elizabeth and our dogs still have plenty of space, non polluted water and clean, fresh air.  New puppy owners are welcome to fetch their puppies from us in Jansenville.   

Why breeding with dogs?? 

As toddler I was very scared of dogs, due to a nasty experience with a big dog. My parents reacted to good advice - give Hannatjie her own little puppy! I was four when the new pup arrived. For the next 12 years "Bollie" a Min Pin/Fox Terrier cross was my friend. The bond I had with him also helped me to trust and love bigger animals, including dogs.


After my marriage in 1978 to William, at that time a teacher/farmer, we bought our first Wire Haired Fox Terrier. Soon we enjoyed life with a male and two females. Three years later our son Wayne was born.

  Wayne                Judy           Graeme

He was a very sickly baby and mentally handicapped. Caring for him was time consuming as he needed a lot of special care. I could not go back to teaching and had to spent most of my time on the farm. My late dad bought me a Yorkie male and two females. I started breeding puppies as a hobby to compensate for the difficulties with my own baby.  Four years later our middle child, Judy, came as a perfect healthy little sunshine into our lives.   Two years later, Graeme was born with the same mental problem than his older brother.

Soon I realised, I could provide the same love, pleasure and sense of responsibility that I experienced with Bollie, to other families and their children by breeding puppies. 


Our love for dogs, after all these years, became just more intense and each puppy is still a part of you going off. We traveled great distances to choose and buy breeding dogs. We spent many nights reading about different breeds to fulfil our dreams since 1978:

Our goal - to breed KUSA registered puppies as lovable pets out of imported/champion bloodlines with good temperaments.



2016 !!!!!  laugh smiley heart

We bought a lovely old house in Jansenville and changed it into Whitlock's Care Centre.  Wayne and Graeme are settled and love the new friends and care takers.  All our thanks to Huis Welverdiend (who started this journey with us).  The care centre are now an independent NPO organization and only buying meals from Huis Welverdiend.

William and I are living in an old house on 4,3 h. not far from the boys.  It was the first farm house in Jansenville and the original piece of the building dated back to 1818.

Judy is married to Johan van Zyl.  They are living in Nelspruit with their two boys......Joshua  and Callum.  Our pride and joy!



Documentation, health and the legal aspects.

Most of our puppies are registered with KUSA. They are inoculated and the registered puppies are micro-chipped as well. New owners receive an inoculation record and with their pup. The KUSA certificate gets posted to them later. We only have no breeders' restriction on our dogs .

The puppy's deworming starts at 2 weeks of age with 2 week intervals till they are 8 weeks old. We also spray him/her with Frontline before he/she leaves us for the new family. The new owner takes home a sample of the pellets the puppy has been weaned on.

We deliver the puppies, if possible, to their new families when they are between 7 - 8 weeks old. From 8+ weeks we send them by plane to any major airport in SA at owners expence.