All prospective new owners of a Yorma Puppy please feel free to request a copy of the parents' KUSA and health certificates.

All the puppies deworming starts at 2 weeks of age. There after we deworm them every 2 weeks till they leave us for their new homes.

The puppies normally start eating at 3-4 weeks old. We feed them soft pellets (pellets soaked in hot water) 3 times a day.

The first inoculation gets done at 5-6 weeks. The new owner receives this record with the puppy.

The compulsary micro-chipping (of the KUSA registered pups) we do just before the puppy goes to his/her new family.  This ID pet record the new owners recieve via e-mail shortly after collected their puppy. 

Puppy's KUSA certificate gets posted by KUSA to them later.

We spray the leaving puppy with Frontline to protect it from ticks and flees for the next 3-4 weeks.

 The new owner takes home:    

1.   Sample of the pellets puppy has been weaned on       

2.   Inoculation record                                                           

3.  The special new member of the family for the next 10 - 18 years !! !! !!     

We try  to deliver the pups to the new owners ourselfs.  If not possible, we fly them from Port Elizabeth to any major airport in SA.    













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